Gastroenterology Associates

of Central Pennsylvania, PC


Insurance Information:


Gastroenterology Associates of Central Pennsylvania currently accepts the following insurance plans:

Medicare                                    HealthAssurance

Highmark/Blue Cross                  Health Styles            

Blue Shield                                  Healthguard

Keystone                                    Prime Source

HealthAmerica                            Tricare

Geisinger                                     Aetna/US Healthcare

Core Source                                United Healthcare

Cigna                                           South Central Preferred

Many other plans are accepted with appropriate referral from your primary care physician.

For other insurers please call our office at 717-533-2224 to check on availability:

We do not accept Gateway, Three Rivers, or Mercy health plans.  Because they do not apply to a gastroenterology practice, we do not accept auto insurance or workers comp insurance.


See our page on Screening Colonoscopy for specific insurance information regarding that procedure


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